PROOF of Life, Vegetation and Water on Mars and Remains of Ancient Civilization?

PROOF of Life, Vegetation and Water on Mars and remains of ancient civilization!

This guy has done some GREAT research into Mars anomalies and discovered LOTS of evidence that there has been a previous civilization there, and still some life left from Vegetation to various creatures and sources of water.

Now, lets get to the point and post some interesting images from Mars, mostly taken by satellites in orbit so you see it from a high above perspective, and a few “on ground” images taken by the Mars Rovers:

Interesting rectangular structure partially buried under sand, perhaps ancient ruins of an building:

Interesting rock formation, piled up, similar to ancient man-made monuments on Earth, top photo from Mars, two bottom Earth man-made:

Pipelines and nozzle shooting out a liquid spray from some kind of dome:

An ancient alien skull laying around in the dusty sand?

Vegetation, seems like a forrest of trees and bushes:

Lakes with water on Mars:

Strange jelly like substance with black material in it:

Seems like a water dam to the right with some plant building to the left – marked in by me:

Strange object looking like a statue fallen down on its back and partially decayed by time:

Very big strange structure, possibly a building or craft:

Some more lakes:

Strange black objects on top of what is said to be sand dunes:

More lakes and drains with water:


Piece of bone in the sand from some alien being?

Weird things, are these some kind of vegetation, or geysirs of some forms shooting up liquid?

Ancient ruins of buildings?

More vegetation, bushes or trees seen from above:

More forrest and vegetations with lakes:

Strange hole in the middle of martian desert, a sink hole or something else?

A piece of ancient petrified wooden log on Mars?

And last but not least, be aware that NASA uses filters to FAKE the colors of mars, in addition to often showing only black & white photos to hide details, in their color photos they add a “dust” effect and “brownish” and “reddish” color to most images from Mars. But, people have discovered this, and managed to reverse the filtering and showing the TRUE colors of Mars. Here are some examples of that:

His website is:

We ourselves came from Mars and other places in very ancient times, no doubt about it when you look into it, also check the works of this guy:

Thats all for now from Mars folks hope you enjoy and get your minds bending and twisting and turning!
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