Proof Obama Plans FEMA Camps & Slavery…??? (Video)

The video below from OneTruth4Life provides the eye-opening proof for those that think that FEMA Camps and slavery are simply a conspiracy, by way of an executive order Barack Obama signed in 2012, specifically EO 13603, subsection 502, but it is at the 2:35 minute mark which should really wake up the deniers, where he shows the leaked document planning for the internment and resettlement of civilians. That document is FM-3-39-40.

Neither of these documents are “new” news but both seen together offer a big picture of the US government’s preparation to enslave the people and ultimately control every aspect of our lives.

While neither of these documents are a surprise to those of us that have kept our eye on such things, the fact that so many still believe it is a conspiracy theory or “tin foil hat” propaganda, proves without a doubt that these documents have not circulated enough and are worth highlighting until the sheep finally “get it.”

Make no mistake, Obama is not the first leader to sign such orders and make such preparations but with talk of a major collapse, perhaps an attack that will collapse civilization as we know it, he may very well be the last one.

Via the video details:

Download link for Executive order 13603:… Download link for FM 3-39.40:… Army hiring for these internment camps:…
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