Project Veritas reporting on Cowards ABC & Anchor Amy Robach

Listen to her statement caught by @ProjectVeritas and she makes ZERO reference to the harm to the children!  She makes no reference to saving the children or the young girls that turned into sex slaves.  In this investigative reporting, she saw pictures and names names such as Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Alan Dershowitz.  She claims the Palace (Buckingham Palace) threatened them.  Listen to this ridiculousness…”Who’s Jeffrey Epstein…no one knows who it is, this is a stupid story”.


As this Twitter user says:

Then ABC News posts this statement:

@CarpeDonktum nails it:

Project Veritas has a petition to hold ABC News accountable! Click here to sign the petition.

A few whistleblowers that have risked so much and some that lost even more:


Thank you Whistleblowers for you are saving lives, children, countries and the world!

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