President Obama has angered his African American supporters and these ladies explain why they are Voting TRUMP!


have to say it is refreshing to see real people weigh in on President Obama especially Black (keeping it real) women who have not fallen for the Obama deception. For so long our televisions have been inundated with: fake people, fake faces, fake boobs, fake booty, and fake smiles telling lies and distracting the masses with nothingness. Here “Diamond & Silk” weigh in on the fact President Obama’s philosophy on immigration is straight up ignorant. You will not here this on the news!

These women are saying what the media is prohibited to say about President Obama and that is he is very similar to the character Steven (played by Samuel Jackson) in the movie “Django.” Where he is accepted into the plantation as “family” and his loyalty is to the elite, although he is a slave himself. The whole ideology of President Obama is suspect where he claims his daughters helped him gain a new perspective on same-sex unions. Why did a grown man need a child’s experience to help him see? HaTTiP
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