‘Prepare your relatives – You’re going to Ukraine’: British Army given official instructions for war with Russia

”Προετοιμάστε τους συγγενείς σας- Θα πάτε Ουκρανία”: Ο βρετανικός Στρατός έλαβε επίσημες οδηγίες για τον πόλεμο με τη Ρωσία

“I want everyone to check that we are physically fit, and it is also important to prepare our families and loved ones, who often have the most difficult role in our absence,” Carney wrote in his article for Soldier magazine. Find support numbers and relevant people who can help, such as a welfare officer or minister.’ He explained that this is very important, since military personnel, being on a business trip, may not be in contact for a long time.

“Making sure our loved ones have the support they need is also vital to us as we can’t give 100% on a business trip if we’re worried about home,” Carney added.

Former British Chief of Staff General Richard Dunnatt described Carney’s advice as “prudent”.

“This does not mean that the army is going to Ukraine, but the duty of any army in peacetime is to prepare for war in all aspects of life,” Dannat stressed.

He also added that given the conflict in Europe and “aggressive Russia”, “British soldiers” it is very reasonable to be realistic about what could happen.

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