“Predator Police” (Melbourne Australia) – Good / Bad Guys? Mercenary Forces?

Predator Police (Melbourne)
Predator Police (Melbourne)

This is the response from Predator Security and Defense.Ā Ā 

ATTN: This is being circulated on the net“We stand for liberty, freedom and God against the bloodline bastards that seek to take over the world. We are under attack here in the US by our own government through the Veteran Affairs Administration trying to shut down our protective security operations and training that keeps our warfighters and security personnel safe.

In fact we train people to provide protective service and operations against exactly this.

We have not nor will we ever train or contract with a government force to harm its citizens. We are furious about the situation in Australia and our heart goes out to them.

We are God fearing liberty loving patriots!

If you stand for these things we stand with you. Liberty and freedom is our founding principle.

Our reputation is undisputed.”



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