Powerball winnings put into one of Epstein’s secret trusts and used to donate to politicians. Do [They] must have the lottery in their pocket?

“Epstein owns the Zorro Ranch in NM, and via Zorro Trust has given to politicians including Gov. Bill Richardson. Suspiciously, in 2008, a lump-sum after-tax Powerball jackpot of $29.3 million was paid out to Epstein’s Zorro Trust on a ticket allegedly sold at a convenience store.”


The New Mexico aspect of Oklahoma lottery payouts and Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Trust fascinates me, so will collect as much information as possible in this <thread>: cc: @michaelcoleman (more…)
1/ Aug 26, 2008

Epstein’s pilots deposition?He was asked about Powerball win- which was $85M – (not $84)

Zorro Trust’s Aug ’08 $85 million “win” was reported in the Bismark Tribune. Out of curiosity, do we have any idea who is behind the WJW Investment Trust which won $101.8 million in ’06? Never heard of trusts winning lotteries, let alone two within two years….

WJW Trust

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