Portland Cop Shoots Man 3 Times With Shotgun; Thought It Was A ‘Beanbag’ Gun…


A lawyer for a 20-year-old Bremerton, Wash., man wounded by live rounds from what was supposed to be a Portland police beanbag shotgun says his client likely will suffer some permanent damage.

The Oregonian says William Kyle Monroe remains hospitalized in good condition, recovering from at least three separate wounds.

Lawyer Thane Tienson said Friday that one blast hit Monroe’s right buttocks, shattering his pelvis and puncturing his bladder and colon.

Tienson says Monroe required surgery and appears to have permanent damage to his sciatic nerve on the left side. The lawyer says that will likely lead to a permanent loss of mobility.

Police Chief Mike Reese and Mayor Sam Adams have called the June 30 shooting by Officer Dane Reister a tragic mistake due to human error. They publicly apologized to Monroe.

Police say Reister fired after officers issued unspecified commands to Monroe. SOURCE

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