Port-a-Bach Shipping Container

Bring Your Home With You Anywhere

Port-a-Bach Shipping Container | Bring Your Home With You Anywhere
April 23, 2008 in Containers, Green Living by Steve Qunell


Atelier Workshop’s Port-a-Bach shipping container home might just make standard RVs obsolete. A veritable home on-the-go, you can roll into place, fold down one side, make your bed and be right at home. As long as you have some property, of course.


Taking the portability of shipping container housing to an altogether new level of portability, this 20-foot container has been outfitted with an entire studio apartment, including a kitchen and a full bath with a composting toilet. It also has a “non-invasive foundation”, which allows for plenty of flexibility in terms of ground placement.

While Atelier says the Port-a-Bach is made for 2 adults and 2 children (with an “interior fabric screen system [that] gives the versatility of creating rooms within the large open living space”), it seems to me to be a wee bit small for a family of four. Folding bunk beds aside, of course. It also offers little in terms of privacy, which means you’ll probably want to send your children out to play while you shower — and if the weather is bad, you all had better enjoy each other’s company. But if used solely for road trips, you could probably make it work.


Overcrowding aside, Port-a-Bach is small, energy efficient, designed to be environmentally clean and easy to hook up to services. Now all you need to make your vacation a success is an 18-wheeler or a helicopter. Bon voyage!



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