Poroshenko: Ukraine will join EU, even if Europe does not want it



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The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko delivered a speech in the Columbia University in the City of New York.

Addressing the audience, the Ukrainian leader said about his ambitious plans after the end of his presidential term, and country’s intentions to become a member of the EU.

It does not matter whether the European states are ready to adopt Ukraine, or not. I insist: the EU will not be able to survive without Ukraine,” he claimed.

Poroshenko believes that democracy has been already developed in Ukraine and thus, the EU is obliged to adopt it. Poroshenko himself wishes to become a member of the EU Parliament.

“I was once asked what I would like to do after the end of the presidential term. I responded that I wished to be a member of the European Parliament,” the Ukrainian president admitted.

Pravda.Ru reported that the Ukrainian officials have got used to give Europe global pledges.

Despite technical default and mass murders of its own residents in the South-East of the country, the state migration service has recently claimed about its readiness to take and accommodate millions of refugees in order to help Europe. It has not been reported when and how it can be carried out.

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