Pope Had Secret Heart Surgery

For those of you craving a scandal, you may be disappointed. Pope Benedict XVI, who announced his retirement yesterday, reportedly had secret heart surgery three months ago to replace his pacemaker. The Vatican released a statement saying that the pope has been in fact wearing a pacemaker for some time, but that his health is good. The newspaper II Sole 24 says that the 85-year-old has had a pacemaker for the past 10 years. The surgery went well and the pope maintained his schedule, but it reportedly made him think about whether he was fit to stay in power.



On February 12, 2013 · In News

12:00 pm
VATICAN CITY (AFP) – The Catholic Church faced a tricky transition on Tuesday as it prepared to elect a new pope, with many faithful still reeling from the shock resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

The 85-year-old Benedict told a group of cardinals in a speech in Latin on Monday that he will step down on February 28 because he could no longer fulfil his duties in a fast-changing world — the first pope to resign of his own free will in more than 700 years.

A report in Italian daily Il Sole 24 Ore said that Benedict underwent heart surgery less than three months ago to replace his pacemaker — an operation that was kept out of the public eye.

While the surgery went well, the report quoted advisors as saying that it made the pope reflect on whether he could continue to guide the Church.

The Vatican has emphasised that the momentous decision was not due to any specific illness and said the pope will retire to a monastery building inside the Vatican — creating an unprecedented situation in which the new pope and his predecessor will live in the same place.


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