Police Arrest Two For Alleged Baby Funeral Scam

 Police Arrest Two For Alleged Baby Funeral Scam The Modesto Police Department said 27-year-old Tiffany Lyon of Modesto and 20-year-old Chasity Doll of Sun City stood near busy intersections over the weekend with a sign of a baby boy and asked motorists to help pay for costs associated with his death.

Officers responded to an intersection near Vintage Faire Mall on Saturday after drivers reported that the two women were entering the roadway to collect the donations, creating a traffic hazard.

Lyon and Doll told two officers that their son, Justin Michael Farrell, died at a Modesto hospital on June 6 from a heart condition while they were on vacation.

When officers asked for specific details about where the child died, the doctor’s name, or the child’s city of birth, the women evaded the questions, authorities said.

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