Pocahontas, Ana Navarro, Kathy Griffin, Maggie Haberman (and more!) all sued for sued for defaming MAGA teens… 

Robert Barnes, attorney for the students, discusses the NEW defamation suit against multiple high-profile figures

The suit lists several well-known journalists and television personalities, including CNN analyst Ana Navarro and New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Deb Haaland, comedian Kathy Griffin, and Matthew Dowd of ABC News are also named in the suit.

“Several of our Senators, most-famous celebrities, and widely read journalists, collectively used their large social media platforms, perceived higher credibility and public followings to lie and libel minors they never met, based on an event they never witnessed,” a statement from the teens’ lawyer said. “These defendants called for the kids to be named and shamed, doxxed and expelled, and invited public retaliation against these minors from a small town in Kentucky.”

“The defendants circulated false statements about them to millions of people around the world,” the statement continued, “The video of the entire event, known to the defendants, exposed all of their factual claims against the kids as lies. The defendants were each individually offered the opportunity to correct, delete, and/or apologize for their false statements, but each refused, continuing to circulate the false statements about these children to this very day on their social media platforms they personally control.”

Complete details here…

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