Video – Pipeline Protest Shuts down Major Intersection In Vancouver – Dec 2 2013

Pipeline Protest Shuts down Major Intersection In Vancouver’s Downtown core During Rush Hour At the Corner of Main and Hastings . The Video was taken at about 5:17 PST.

The protest was captured by a man living in Vancouver’s DTES (Down Town East Side_. The Protest was unknown to have been scheduled by John who narrates the Video and his neighbours. John reports getting a text me3ssage from a friend and neighbor on the 6th floor asking if he knew what was going on. John reports he texted back he thought it was a Oil “Pipeline protest…”

Details will comes as soon as they are known and made available.

What is known is that the eye witness saw west coast Native (Salish) regalia being worn, several drummers. Noticed was a sign calling for protected waterways.

John tells the following about what his first hand eye witness account was:I was surprised to hear the drummers drumming that is what first caught my attention and let me know there was a strong first nations contingent involved. I wqas preparing dinner and was distracted and did not immediately look to see what was going on. After a few minutes I say the police lights flashing and I knew it was more than a street vigil.

What I can see is that this demonstration was not planned for by Police, and the people protesting where very respectful. It is nice to see people making a point and moving it along. This is downtown Vancouver during the drive home, I think Canadians should feel blessed to be able to do such things and not do harm while seeking good remedy. If this was another city in the USA we would not have had the chance for things to be this peaceful, the police services would have “cracked down and made it more than it had to be. My hats off to VPD as well as the responsible organization of those who rallied the people in peaceful protest today.

Little has been reported or covered on this protest by the MSM as of yet.

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Video – Pipeline Protest Shuts down Major Intersection In Vancouver – Dec 2 2013
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