Pfizer/FDA Hid How COVID Vax Could Make Recipients More Susceptible to COVID Infection and Death – Granite Grok

Pfizer/FDA Hid How COVID Vax Could Make Recipients More Susceptible to COVID Infection and Death

The FDA tried to hide Vax-related documents for decades, and now we know why. The first batch of court-ordered docs released reveals that in the first 90 days, Pfizer and the FDA were aware of over 1200 vaccine-related deaths and 158,893 adverse reactions.

In the first 90 days.

The document reveals that within just 90 days after the EUA release of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine, the company was already aware of voluntary adverse reaction reports that revealed 1,223 deaths and over 42,000 adverse reports describing a total of 158,893 adverse reactions.

Voluntary and therefore undercounted. These are the reports of which they know.

One of the first adverse reactions listed, and another death knell for the pandemic of the unvaccinated narrative, is (Section 3.1.2 Table 3.  Safety Concerns) Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED), Including Vaccine-associated and Enhanced Respiratory Disease (VAERD).

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Vaccinated individuals could not only contract COVID19; it could make the infection worse. Sever disease would result in the need for hospitalization and perhaps Intensive care. Depending on age and comorbidities, death would be likely.

These became known side effects before the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” narratives hit the airwaves – were likely why they were promoted so heavily.

It is why the vaccinated had to mask back up.

And they hid that, sorry, successfully hid it until someone sued them and a court ordered the release of these documents. And what might be worse is that these vaccines are the basis for defining whether people can exercise fundamental rights or engage in numerous activities.

People who can contract and shed the pathogen to other vaccinated individuals who might contract COVID in places where the unvaccinated are prohibited and then suffer from VAED or VAERD.

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A virus that pre-vaccine was not fatal for over 99% of the population.

Note: In early August of 2021, we were sharing reports on COVID Vaccine enhanced Respiratory disease cases.

Men vs. Women vs. COVID vs. the FDA&Pfizer

They also knew that women were three times as likely to have an adverse reaction as men.


Pfizer FDA doc release table 1 gender and age


It is not clear, because these were voluntary results, whether this gender gap results from more women getting the vaccine in the first ninety days or more women reporting adverse reactions. If the latter, it proves significant undercounting, and the number of adverse reactions is much higher than shown here in the first three months of use.

From page 8, another look at what was known.

System organ classes and event seriousness first 90 days Pfizer FDA docs


From Celia Farber, on Substack.

These “events” have never been “of special interest” to the protected class of mass media vaccine propagandists, but they are REAL. They are now here in black and white, from Pfizer’s own documents. They mirror exactly what everybody who has been trying to sound the alarm has ever said; There is no mystery anymore.

Anybody who tells you these “vaccines” are safe is somewhere between hypnotized, dishonest, and malicious.

Read more of Celia’s observations here, more great stuff from Mike Adams (quoted earlier), here.

A local copy of the “post-marketing experience” Doc from the FDA/Pfizer is here -yes, that’s what they called it. And keep in mind, Pfizer and the FDA have been ordered to release all of the docs. This is just one release, and it’s terrible n ews.

Source: Pfizer/FDA Hid How COVID Vax Could Make Recipients More Susceptible to COVID Infection and Death – Granite Grok
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