Peter Dutton: Australia minister tests positive for Coronavirus – BBC News

Peter Dutton, who is a senior member of government, woke up with a “temperature and sore throat”.


A senior member of the Australian government, home affairs minister Peter Dutton, has tested positive for coronavirus, he said on Friday.

Mr Dutton, who sits on the national security committee, said he woke up with a “temperature and sore throat”.

He said he immediately contacted his local health department in Queensland and is now in hospital.

There are currently 156 confirmed cases in Australia, including US actor Tom Hanks, who is in Queensland.

Hanks is there with his wife Rita Wilson – who also has the virus – to make a film about Elvis Presley.

“This morning I woke up with a temperature and sore throat. I feel fine and will provide an update in due course,” said Mr Dutton on Twitter.

“It is the policy of Queensland Health that anyone who tests positive is to be admitted into hospital and I have complied with their advice.”

Mr Dutton had on Thursday been asked why people entering Australia weren’t being tested. He said it was not possible to test everyone coming into the country.

“For 99% of people there’s no issue,” he said, according to radio station 4BC.

Mr Dutton recently travelled to Washington DC for an international meeting on child sexual exploitation.

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