Peruvian court accuses Bill Gates, Soros and Rockfeller of creating coronavirus

Source: Tribunal do Peru acusa Bill Gates, Soros e Rockfeller de criar coronavírus – Sputnik Brasil

Peruvian court said based on conspiracy theories that the coronavirus was an invention of “criminal elites worldwide”, formed, according to court magistrates, by multimillionaires like George Soros, the Rockfeller family and businessman Bill Gates.

To justify the delay in issuing the verdict, the Chincha and Pisco Penal Appeals Court ensured that the pandemic had an “unpredictable” character, except for its creators, “who managed it and continue to administer it secretly within their environments and worldwide corporations “.

Thus, this collegiate court of the Superior Court of Justice of Ica tried to apologize for the delay in handling the appeal of a defendant who was seeking preventive detention, but whose request was delayed by the pandemic.

“No world government, natural or legal persons, nor the defense of the accused can claim that this pandemic has the quality of ‘predictable’, except the creators of the new world order like Bill Gates, Soros, Rockfeller etc.”, points out the resolution, shared by the LP Direito portal .

In particular, the document cites financial investor George Soros , Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and the billionaire Rockfeller family, whom he accuses of “managing” and “continuing to administer” the virus in the “new world order”, writes La Vanguardia.

The number of conspiracy theories skyrocketed with the emergence of COVID-19, although the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed in May 2020 that the virus is of animal origin, refuting the creation of the new coronavirus in the laboratory .
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