Peru’s Anti-Mining Protest Gets Out of Control

Peru’s Interior Minister implemented need rules on Monday in an attempt to end the violent anti-mining protests against the Xstrata Plc’s Peruvian copper mine.

[Wilver Calle, Interior Minister]:
“To protect the security of all the residents in the area and the free transit of all Peruvians in the Cusco region, today, under a supreme decree, the government declares a state of emergency.”

Police action is not enough to prevent casualties. Protesters would burn fields, use slingshots, and throw rocks.

[Oscar Valdes, Peruvian Chief of Staff]:
“At 15:52 hours the death was reported of two civilians during the continued clashes in the conflict area — Mr. Florentino Maman y Puma and another not yet identified. The number of police forces injured during the clash amount to 30 in addition to the 46 that were injured since yesterday, therefore there are 76 policeman injured to-date.”

Humala, a former military officer, suggested meditation as a method to mediate the conflict, but the military are becoming impatient with the protesters and want use military force.

This is only one of hundreds of disputes that occur in Peru. These conflicts could hinder investment in Peru’s expanding economy.
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