Our sun predicted to Micro Nova (Short intense output) and then back to normal—Just like Hubble filmed this distant sun. Video

Notice that this distant sun returned to it’s initial brightness after it novas for an instant. Not destroyed.

Douglas Vogt:

This Diehold Foundation’s notes for this video series:

SOLAR MICRONOVA | The Only Explanation…? ” Introduction, Causes of the Ice Age and Nova, the Greatest Secret of the United States”

“Published on Nov 9, 2018

Video series 4, Part 1, covers the most important information for anyone on this planet because I will fully explain what causes the ice ages and why they happen immediately after a geomagnetic reversal (Pole shift, polar reversal).

The las time it happened was about 12,000 years age and it is estimated that only about 30 fertile females survived and all of us are related to one of them.

To ask Questions send them to: info@dieholdfoundation.com. To make contributions to the Diehold Foundation go to www.dieholdfoundation.com. Diehold Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit public science foundation.

I will cover the cause of the Ice Ages at the time of Geomagnetic Reversals. The earth does not flip over on itself. Only the magnetic field reverses. I will explain the mechanism that creates the ice age and ice fields.

This information has never been taught before because government felt it was too disruptive to society. Even if you have a degree in geology, astronomy or other related field, you were deliberately never taught this information. You were taught alternate explanations for the phenomena.

The research revealed the Greatest Secret the Country has and the CIAs Involvement. You are going to find out what event caused the government to engineer the concealment.

I am going to give you the Education you were supposed to have gotten when you went to College. I am going to present this information unblemished and treat all of you like mature adults, but I warn you that this information will scare you and change your life. I present this information because I want some people to survive the reversal event

This series of videos are takes from Chapter 8 in “God’s Day of Judgment, the Real Cause of Global Warming” which can be purchased through www.Amazon.com or the publisher at www.vectorpub.com. The foundations web site www.dieholdfoundation.com has information on this information theory of existence as well as three expeditions to Egypt.”

SOLAR MICRONOVA | The Only Explanation…? ” Introduction, Causes of the Ice Age and Nova, the Greatest Secret of the United States”

World in Peril by Ken White

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