Oprah’s Spiritual Adviser, So Cringe Worthy! This race hustling simply has got to stop……..

The last Spiritual advisor Oprah had got arrested for child trafficking "John Of God"
The last Spiritual advisor Oprah had got arrested for child trafficking “John Of God”

Marianne Williamson asked white people to offer ‘prayer of apology’

Marianne is trending tonight on Twitter over this video which surfaced today from CNN.

Words are cheap. Actions are meaningful.

America was on the right track until Obama purposely derailed us…. and this “apology” is just a continuance of the purposeful castigation, condemnation and hatefulness designed to drive a wedge between demographics and marginalize how far America has come. You’ve heard of “Nation Building?” This is “Nation Deconstruction.”

Jericho Green is not happy with the stunt…

“Yesterday I saw a video from August of 2016, where Marianne Williamson offered a prayer of apology from white people to black people. My words cannot express the ridiculousness of this video.”

The Jericho Green video summed up everything really good, very funny too. The best was the 2020 clown car. The sick thing is Oprah’s Spiritual Adviser Marianne Williamson is just one piece of that crazy clown car, and the most insane thing is we have almost half our country under the evil spell of these crazy leftist maniacs pushing this stuff day after day, hour after hour and seeing them buy every word as if it came from God.

We the People can’t afford to ever, ever let these leftists take control of our country again “O” was a nightmare and wake up call

Some Youtube comments:


So glad this dude was on my feed. Subbed and notifications on. I am a black man from Massachusetts i never knew i was a conservative until around 2012 elections but in 2016 it was reinforced what i always believed, which is the left looks down on me and always has like i am something broken that they have to fix. Conservative/Libertarians are the only people i relate to now. Keep on putting up those videos i look forward to sharing them.

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Paullus Armstrong
Liberals – “Thought and prayers are worthless!”
Liberals – “We give our thoughts and prayers for slavery in the past”



Our professor asked the students in an Immigration law class in Chicago who had ancestry in the U.S. going back two, three, or more generations. In 1995, in that class, only one student out of about fifty had ancestry going back four generations (to about 1890). Not one student, White or Black, had lineage extending back to the U.S. Civil war. My point: it is time to stop assuming that Whiteness means descendancy from slaveowners and that Blackness means descendancy from slaves. That old-line descendancy exists for some people, but nowhere near all Americans. What in the world is the relevance of an apology for slavery by someone whose ancestors moved to the U.S. from Italy in 1885? Nothing, I say. It makes about as much sense as a recent Afghan immigrant to the U.K. apologizing for the Irish potato famine of 1848.

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