Oprah Winfrey Just Said That “White People Should Die”, And She’s Not Joking


We have always knows Oprah Winfrey to be an icon who has been looked up by many. While her public view has been received as ‘fair’ and possibly even ‘nobel’ sometimes, Oprah has been known by many conservatives to be  a famous racist woman.

The language that Oprah uses to attack american’s and essentially everyone she labels as ‘racists’, is shocking and in extremely poor taste. We find it hilarious what she considered to be ‘extremists’ when Oprah herself is an extreme individual.

This video is a great example of starting a great point (Racism has to end) and ending up in a completely ridiculous conclusion (White people need to die).

Watch the video now:


HaTTiP = http://goo.gl/0p4hGU

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