Ontario Canada looking to roll out digital IDs, just like Australia. Next stop, full loss of freedoms like Australia.

Coronavirus: Ontario officials recommend against Halloween trick-or-treating in COVID-19 hotspots - The Global Herald

At the 2:10 mark Doug Ford talks about digital IDs for health cards and other photo ID.

Florida been talking about it too. actually …

Florida hopes to offer smartphone-based driver’s license by 2021


TAMPA — Want to keep your driver’s license handy without lugging around a purse or wallet?

As soon as next year, there could be an app for that.

Just as house and car keys, bank cards, plane tickets and proof of car insurance have evolved from physical objects to digital apps, a pilot program through the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will soon determine whether the time has come to store your state-issued driver’s license on your smartphone.

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