Only 22 People Show Up For Senator Cruz Philadelphia Rally – Unstable Ted Starts Screaming on Radio Show (audio)…

Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz had a full apoplectic meltdown today.  During a radio appearance an unhinged Senator Cruz began lashing out and screaming at Sean Hannity.  (full audio below)   The internet lit up as people discussed the on-air meltdown wondering what could have possibly triggered such grossly unstable behaviour.

Apparently the answer is found in this picture from Senator Cruz’s rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Only a few dozen people showed up to hear candidate Cruz – in a city home to over 1.6 million people.

It appears the Cruz campaign is trying to hide from such a horrible optic.

This is a transparent attempt to avoid an embarrassing failed event. Apparently not much support for Lyin’ Ted Cruz in the city of brotherly love.

Here’s the audio of unstable Cruz and his breathless meltdown:
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