One Third of the World’s Water Is Now Poisoned! (Video–Just Released!)


After watching my short FYI video above, please watch the below video for thedetailed information regarding my news post, One Third of the World’s Water Is Now Poisoned!

Apocalyptic Water Poisoning—One Third Poisoned!

Ten Years of Fukushima Radiation Crossing the Pacific Ocean


YouTube Desc:

The FUKUSHIMA RADIATION is not only out of control, it is putting in danger LIFE as we know it. 300 tonnes of RADIOACTIVE GROUND WATER IS LEAKING into the PACIFIC OCEAN every day. Nuclear experts say Japan’s disaster is intensifying and there shall be “No Happy Ending”. ALL SEA LIFE will eventually DIE! So will we…
Alright, so the scoop is that TEPCO is dumping radioactive water into the Pacific at the same time that a key company official has admitted that the problem is not under control. Furthermore, the beckerel per kg allowed amount in Japan is 100/kg, compared to 10 times more in America at 1,000 beckerels per kilogram. The cover-up fully extends to hospitals in Japan where there are cases of open rashes on people’s faces, and burns, yet health staff are warned by superiors to cover that up. Now the beckerel count is thousands of times above the Japanese legal limit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit !!!!! Wake up Japan ! Wake up America ! Never mind dead fish, how about radioactive rain right here in North America. Wake up people !!!!!!

Yeah… well, add to that ‘now’ radioactive snow!

The Pacific Ocean is one third of the world’s seas, and its water and everything in it is dying! The basis of the entire food chain, krill, plankton, is poisoned with radiation, and one third of the world’s water is poisoned with radiation as well..even the snow! There is nothing that anyone can do except pray, hope, and be aware that these are ‘apocalyptic’ days we are living in!
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