Occupy Oppenheimer Park – October 1st 2014 Vancouver British Columbia Canada


Alternative-News.tk and TheWatchTowers.com reporter ~Q~ was on site today of the tent city created in Vancouver’s Down Town East Side.

Today Vancouver City Police and Vancouver Fire Department where in the park inspecting the site of the now infamous tent city.  This is following reports that on Monday lawyers for the Pivot Legal Society argued the campers had not been given enough time to find somewhere else to live.

Pivot is asking for an adjournment of up to 10 days to give the campers time to move. The B.C. Supreme Court is set to rule on that application Tuesday at 10 a.m. PT.

Lawyers representing the city’s park board argued the campers have already been offered space in homeless shelters and the city needs to be able to enforce its bylaws.

Pivot Legal Society’s lawyers argue city has not given them enough time to find new homes.

Here are pictures showing VPD and the Vancouver Fire Department at work assessing the park. Clearly they are increasing  there presence and making determinations as to how to proceed and of course making note of the fire and safety concerns that will no doubt become part of a report for the courts and or city counsel.





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