Obama’s Father Was Blacklisted as an “Anti-American, Anti-White” Terrorist in 1959, U.S State Department and British Secret Service Documents Reveal

Barack Obama’s controversial and legally-contested hold on the executive office just got a great deal more complicated. Documents released this week by the British Foreign Secretary reveal that the president’s father, Barack Hussein Obama, Senior, was the target of an international investigation due to his ties to Kenyan terrorists groups. The top secret files, which had been suppressed for decades, were privately condemned by administration officials who feared they would undermine the president as polls show him trailing Republican contender Mitt Romney by at least five points. They also highlight the mounting public evidence tying Barack Jr. to communist sleeper cells and long range plots to undermine American democracy.

(In other disturbing Obama news, it was leaked today that the President frequenty ate dog meat as a child. He is the first and only United States President to have ever eaten a family pet. Apparently, such an act is a ritualistic part of Muslim religious training, and the young Obama found the meat, “quite satifsying.”)

barack obama seniorThe shocking dossier on Obama Sr. came to light after a lengthy case in the British High Court brought by a team of professors at Oxford University. The records hark back to a time when Kenya was still a British colony and Obama Sr. was a Kenyan national who traveled to Hawaii for a college education, despite his political radicalism and poor academic record. The suspicious move prompted a closer look by security agents who worried about the young man’s sudden fixation on entering the United States. Barack Jr. hatched a very similar scheme to network his way from academia to the Halls of Congress, despite his equally mediocre educational record.

On September 1, 1959, one British ambassador penned a highly classified communiqué that stated, “I have discussed with the State Department. They are as disturbed about these developments as we are. They point out that Kenya students have a bad reputation over here for falling into the wrong hands and for becoming both anti-American and anti-white.”

Despite the warnings, Obama Sr. was allowed to stay in Hawaii were he met and married Stanley Ann Dunham. Sometime afterward, the couple traveled to Indonesia where the President was born and raised with a traditional Muslim upbring, complete with Imans and Madrasas. While this is not the story told by the mainstream media, far too many questions have been raised about the incredibly fraudulent birth certificate the Washington insiders tried to pass off on the public a few years back.

Despite this long string of earth-shattering revelations, the U.S. State Department does not appear likely to release any FBI or CIA files they have on the President’s father. It is imagined that under Director J. Edgar Hoover, such a dangerous man would have been watched closely and the evidence against him would be exhaustive.

barack obama senior

Curiously enough, Barack Jr.’s avowed anti-white, anti-American policies appear to be a continuation of his father’s very own radical socialist ideology. Obama Sr. was an agent of the African American Students Foundation (AASF), a trade unionist agitation group which fronted for foreign socialist interests. Just like his father, Barack Jr. went from Hawaii to Harvard, with the assistance of many leftwing political organizations (such as ACORN, the Weather Underground and the Fabian Socialists).

Will the mainstream media continue to hide this vital information about Obama’s presidency? Will the State Department ever release Barack Sr.’s file? By no stretch of the imagination should this man he trusted with one ounce of power, yet somehow he has schemed his way to the very top of our body politic. This is nothing less than the greatest crime America has ever known.

The evidence released this week suggests that the Obama plot to undermine Christianity through socialism may indeed stretch back half a century. While this comes as a shock to many, others have been worried about the Barack Obama Jr. since his early days in the Senate. There are just too many questions swirling around this President for the U.S. public to trust him. For people of faith, it reminds us to be weary of false prophets and those who push the heinous terrorism of Islam on our homeland. The Bible warns us repeatedly about such a man who rises to power and begins a series of events prophesized as the End Times. Could Barack Obama be that cloven hoofed creature we have been warned about? Tragically, most citizens are simply too moronic to worry about this very real possibility

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