Obama Orders Military Not To Handout Bibles, Rear Admiral Responds

The Obama administration is ordering soldiers not to handout Bibles to those in need—even those who are contemplating suicide. Rather, soldiers must send them to the Chaplain. But, at the 62nd National Day of Prayer Observance in Washington, D.C., United States Coast Guard Rear Admiral William Lee proclaimed that, no matter what the government may order, he will continue to share Bibles with his soldiers whenever needed.

The Rear Admiral said,

“As one general so aptly put it, they expect us to check our religion in at the door. Don’t bring that here. Leave that business to the chaplains. I’m here to tell you there are not enough chaplains to go around… Last year three hundred and forty-nine active duty members killed themselves, each and every day of the week. In fact, every 65 minutes, a veteran, who has served his country, commits suicide. That is a rate 300 percent greater, per capita, than the national norm… Who can tell that young man, who is down-trodden and on his last legs, who has no hope, to go make an appointment to go see the chaplain. ‘Go, get in line and wait,’ when the opportunity right now exists…The rules say, ‘Send him to a chaplain,’ my heart said, ‘Give this man a Bible.’”

Check out the video below.

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