Obama On UFOs: “If I Told You I’d Have To Kill You”

“We’re gonna keep our secrets here!”

From Dateline Zero

President Barack Obama joked that although he had landed in Roswell he could not disclose if extra-terrestrials had done the same in a flying saucer in 1947.

The President made a visit to New Mexico to discuss energy development this past Wednesday, March 21.

“I announced to people when I landed that I come in peace,” said President Obama. “Let me tell you, there are nine- and 10-year-old boys… when I meet them they ask me, have you been to Roswell, and is it true what they say?” Obama said.

“And I tell them, If I told you I’d have to kill you. And you know, their eyes get all big,” the president added in Maljamar, a town 80 kilometers (50 miles) away from Roswell, where he was trumpeting his energy policy. [map]

“We’re gonna keep our secrets here!” he concluded.

Original post at Dateline Zero

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