Obama Losing Clinton Support?

Barack Obama has been going after Mitt Romney for his success at Bain Capital and it is not playing well with many in his own party. Newark, NJ Mayor and Obama supporter Cory Booker came out against Obama attacking Romney on his venture capital success and now Bill Clinton is following suit as shown in the video below.

Clinton also disagrees with Obama on ending the Bush tax rates stating that it will hurt the economy. Obama uses the Bush rates as an avenue in which he can push his class warfare agenda and Bubba as shown below obviously doesn’t think much of Obama policy.

Former Clinton adviser and current Fox News contributor Dick Morris who has since seen the light but still has contact with many who talk with Clinton and who in addition to his years of experience working with Clinton knows that man about as good as anyone sees this move by Bubba as his showing his dislike of Obama and his not wanting Obama reelected as shown in the below video.

Obama is in deep trouble when one as powerful as Bubba Clinton comes out critical of the Obama campaign strategy and his policy against Romney. Just one more nail going into the Obama coffin and the end of his failed Presidency. My optimism for November grows stronger with each passing day. Though I know the battle is not won and we must continue to fight to the bitter end, I am beginning to feel a landslide in the making taking this plague on the Presidency, the American people and our country out of office and into oblivion where he belongs.

Ken Taylor

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