NSA / Google Database with Records on 154 million Americans was Totally OPEN and Unprotected on Internet Hosted by Google, Your Data at NSA/Google

The Article says the Database had over 240 million Voters Data, Since Voter Databases are the States Responsibility, This is just a way of saying that Google was Hosting Open Data on over 240 Million Americans on the Internet no Username or password required to access it.
Details from the Washington Times article include Database record with fields for:
Gun ownership
religious affiliation
political affiliations
email addresses
Facebook profiles


In part how they do this “legally” is they have massive barges at sea in international waters where domestic laws and treaties have no force of law.

” Google filed a patent in 2007 for a “floating platform-mounted computer data center comprising a plurality of computing units” which was granted in 2009? The first Google barge showed up the following year off the coast of Connecticut, after all.”

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As well as space based relay satellites again out of reach of the Law.

Terra Bella will continue to deploy satellites, but now that it’s fully a Google company (which, in turn, is owned by Alphabet), it can work “with a wide array of geospatial data sources, machine learning capabilities, and experts” in order to “transform raw imagery into data to help people and organizations make more informed decisions.”

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Original article:

Gun ownership, religion and other details for millions leaked by unsecured voter database: Report

A voter database containing personal details pertaining to 154 million Americans was publicly accessible on the internet for at least two months and may have been accessed from abroad, a security researcher said Thursday. Among the sensitive information included in the exposed database were names, addresses and political affiliations in addition to an undisclosed number of…


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