Nobel Committee Demands Obama Return Peace Prize! Another Sign Of Obama’s Decent -JUDGE BLASTS OBAMA – SAYS HE COULD BE IMPEACHED BY 2015

12, yes 12, Nobel Peace Prize winners are demanding that Obama releases a Senate report on the CIA’s use of harsh interrogation tactics so that U.S. can put an end to a practice condemned by many as ‘torture’. It looks like the veils are finally starting to rip open as even liberals are demanding Obama be exposed for the war-mongering dictator he is.

Time Magazine reports that the release of the report, which is a detailed account of the CIA’s interrogation practices in the wake of 9/11 would be an opportunity for the U.S. and the world to come to terms that the techniques went too far.

This all came in the form of an open letter from the 12 Nobel Peace Prize winners who have grouped up to write a touching and effective letter that you will now see below:

The Letter

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

The open admission by the President of the United States that the country engaged in torture is a first step in the US coming to terms with a grim chapter in its history. The subsequent release of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence summary report will be an opportunity for the country and the world to see, in at least some detail, the extent to which their government and its representatives authorized, ordered and inflicted torture on their fellow human beings.

We are encouraged by Senator Dianne Feinstein’s recognition that “the creation of long-term, clandestine ‘black sites’ and the use of so-called ‘enhanced-interrogation techniques’ were terrible mistakes,” as well as the Senate Committee’s insistence that the report be truthful and not unnecessarily obscure the facts. They are important reminders that the justification of the torture of another human being is not a unanimous opinion in Washington, or among Americans as a whole.

We have reason to feel strongly about torture. Many of us among the Nobel Peace Prize laureates have seen firsthand the effects of the use of torture in our own countries. Some are torture survivors ourselves. Many have also been involved in the process of recovery, of helping to walk our countries and our regions out of the shadows of their own periods of conflict and abuse.

It is with this experience that we stand firmly with those Americans who are asking the US to bring its use of torture into the light of day, and for the United States to take the necessary steps to emerge from this dark period of its history, never to return.

The questions surrounding the use of torture are not as simple as how one should treat a suspected terrorist, or whether the highly dubious claim that torture produces “better” information than standard interrogation can justify its practice. Torture is, and always has been, justified in the minds of those who order it.

But the damage done by inflicting torture on a fellow human being cannot be so simplified. Nor is the harm done one-sided. Yes, the victims experience extreme physical and mental trauma, in some cases even losing their lives. But those inflicting the torture, as well as those ordering it, are nearly irreparably degraded by the practice.

Wow. It isn’t a shock seeing 12 of the brightest individuals in existence currently rallying up to such a terrible regime that is, the Obama administration. They write on their site

An End to Torture

Twelve Nobel Peace Prize laureates have written to President Barack Obama asking the US to close the dark chapter on torture once and for all. Please add your voice in support of their message below. It will be forwarded to the President. And please share widely.

say #NoToTorture

Here is one of the nobel peace prize winners, Malala Yousafzai that had something very interesting to ask our president.

Will Obama disclose this info? Or will he remain silent on this as he has done for many of the most important issues of our time? If He does so, we are of the understanding that these 12 Nobel Peace Prize winners will create and cultivate a force against Obama to revoke his privileges received by winning such an esteemed prize.


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