“Operation Gotham Shield”

A military document obtained by SuperStation95 shows the role of Amateur Radio (HAM Radio) operators will be to report — on a county-by-county basis — the status of:

  • Electrical Power
  • Municipal Water Service
  • Sanitation Services
  • Medical Facility
  • Communications
  • Transportation

The information about whether such services are “fully operational, rolling outages, partial availability or completely destroyed” will be transmitted to NORAD and to the National Command Authority.

The problem with this “exercise” is that, many times in the past, federal “exercises” have become actual events! A scanned image of the document appears below, click image to enlarge: HaTTiP



The following exercise objectives have been established for HCANJ/LANJ.

Objective 1: Examine the operational coordination and interface of the NJSP SEOC, NJDOH Health Command Center (HCC), and Regional Medical Coordination Centers (MCC) to provide and maintain a common operational picture during an improvised nuclear detonation incident in accordance with NJESF#8 and established plans, policies, and procedures.

Objective 1.1: The Health Care Association of New Jersey will evaluate the ability of their Amerilert system to solicit available long term care facility (LTC) bed status information within 3-hours to help address acute care hospital decompression in response to anticipated medical surge.

Objective 1.2: The Health Care Association of New Jersey will evaluate the ability to remotely access external databases and their Amerilert system from the NJDOH Health Command Center to provide immediate information updates and situational awareness to LTC facilities during an emergency event

If you have any questions about your facility’s expected level of participation, please contact me via email at or via my office phone at 609-890-8700.  SOURCE

EXERCISE – Operation Gotham Shield/Improvised Nuclear Detonation Incident – April 26, 2017 :: This is a reminder…


“On Tuesday April 25th 2017, at 0800 the Gotham Shield Exercise will take place at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford NJ. This exercise will simulate a large scale terrorist attack on the NY/NJ metropolitan area with MetLife Stadium serving as a triage/collection point for victims and emergency response personnel. This will be a large scale event with numerous federal, state, county and local agencies participating. It should be very similar in size and scope to the Operation Red Zone drill of 2011….”
Tyson Mowry –  ERHC Helicopter Emergency Response Program (HERP) Coordinator

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