New Yorkers Pay Tribute to Steve Jobs

On Thursday, the day after Steve Jobs passed away, many New Yorkers gathered outside the 24-hour Apple store on the Fifth Avenue—to pay tribute to the man who has changed the way people think about technology.

[Michael Crawford, Apple Fan]
“I was curious to see what was going on and I felt really saddened when I heard that he passed away.”

Many New Yorkers leave flowers and apples with a bite on them—others with condolence messages written on them.

They leave bitten apples and large poster messages, like “Good Job” and “New York Loves Steve Jobs.”

[Michael Crawford, Apple Fan]
“Thanks, Steve. You make my life easier to manage…and you gave us all things that just work.”

Others take pictures with their iPhones and iPads, and share their thoughts on the legacy Jobs has left behind.

[Patricia Meade, Apple Fan]
“To stay creative, to really just try and do things, put it out there like that. Yes, absolutely.”

Visiting the Fifth Ave Apple store is the way many New Yorkers pay tribute and express their appreciation for the man who has changed the way they live their daily lives.

NTD News, New York

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