New York Shitty Update- Man Getting Beaten By 4 Others, Flips The Script With An Axe, Destroys McDonald’s In The Process

This was the wild scene inside a McDonald’s in New York City as a dispute between a man and 4 others got violent when the lone individual slapped at one of the men taunting him. That is when the others started punching him, mostly in the back of the head.

The lone individual didn’t seem phased at all by the assault, in fact, rolling his eyes and resting comfortably against a garbage bin.

This is when the script flipped as the man reached into his bag and pulled out an axe and proceeded to destroy a table before moving on to a large glass wall separator.

The axe-wielder swings at the black man cowering in the corner as he pleaded for his life before making his way to the main group on the other side of the room.

Everyone involved at this point is begging for their lives as the man with the hatchet taunts them.

One more table was murdered before Molly Hatchet escape via bicycle when told by others the cops were coming.

The whole incident is typical, New York City bonkers if you axe me.

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