New Tic5tk Borne Virus Unlike Anything Seen Before

So I stumbled on this on The Weather Channel’s website, of all places. I haven’t heard much about it, and so far it’s just the one case.

Apparently it’s a viral infection transmitted by ticks – killed this farmer who was bitten after a 10 day hospital stay, multiple organ failure.

It happened in Kansas, and it struck me as odd. They are comparing it to Lyme, which a lot of people believe originated from Plum Island – and I recall the Conspiracy Theory episode where they were discussing moving the ‘disease lab’ from Plum Island to the Midwest.

Now we’re seeing this?

It took the CDC 6 months to figure it out (or cop to it).

Anyway, kind of freaky.

Here are a couple of links, to the original video I saw on TWC and a local news report about the story (embedded) and the Plum Island Conspiracy Theory episode, also embedded.

[link to]
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