New Liberal French President To President Trump – U.S.A Should Take ‘Fair Share’ Of Muslim Refugees! –

Declared by CNN as the anti-Donald Trump, new liberal French President Emmanuel Macron has wasted no time in taking a swipe at the American president and his policies.

Speaking to French media, Macron who campaigned on tolerance and love, especially towards Syrian and Middle Eastern Muslim refugees claimed that the United States and President Trump should adopt a “more inclusive policy” of “love” when it came to immigration policy.

“President Trump and the United States needs to recognize the problem that is Syria. Exclusion will not lead to peace and I implore the President of the United States to present a more inclusive policy which is open to love when it comes to allowing refugees and immigrants into the United States. They must take their fair share”.

This is not the first time President Macron has taken a dig at President Trump, he did so a day after his election victory sending this video out to media on climate change.

How’s about this guy worries about his own problems? Has he not seen the terror attacks that have taken place in France? From Paris to Nice?
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