New documents prove Hillary Clinton censored YouTube video

In response to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s usage of her private e-mail account to conduct State Department business, 15 pages of correspondence between Clinton and others were released online via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) late last month.

One such document, with the inconspicuous subject line “Google and YouTube,” reveals one of Clinton’s staffers forwarding the personal contact information of Google and YouTube’s CEOs to the Office of the Secretary, whom just one hour later responds, “the block [on the unknown video] will stay through Monday.”

However, none of this should be surprising. Just last month, veteran journalist Luke Rudkowski was censored by Google for posting a video about — you guessed it! — Hillary Rodham Clinton. This incestuous relationship between tech companies and the federal government is no longer conspiratorial heresy, given that Clinton also recently hired a longtime Google executive to manage her upcoming presidential campaign.

Despite this addition to Clinton’s growing laundry list of scandals, she’ll likely be voted right into office by an uninformed American public…
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