NETFLIX Planning To Show UNDERAGE NUDITY in Transgender Themed Movie

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Lukas Dhont’s feature directorial debut, ‘Girl’ — about a transgender girl training to become a ballerina — wowed Cannes when it premiered in May, but has been the subject of controversy after he said the streamer would edit out a nude scene featuring its star, then 15.

“filmmakers had some internal conversations with Netflix in which we discussed how some of the material in Girl could possibly be received outside of Europe.. The version of Girl that will be shown on Netflix will be the same version that premiered in Cannes, and in theaters in Belgium and other parts of the world.”

“Netflix Battles Film Director Over Underage Frontal Nudity”


Dhont recently said that Netflix planned to edit out a scene featuring young star Victor Polster fully nude, which seemed to distress the filmmaker. However, Dhont has since walked back the statement, saying that the full frontal scene will be included in the version that hits Netflix on January 18.
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