Navy Seals Involved In Military Drills Over Bostons General Populace


August 7, 2011

Shepard Ambellas

Yet more military activity hits the general public’s view, this time in Boston.

Note: As you know The Intel Hub has covered these drills taking place over Boston for the past few days — now the cities mayor admits the drills were conducted by the Navy Seals.

In the skies over Boston, low flying helicopters instilled real fear in people. According to reports some people found it scary, some even claim to witness what appeared to be a holographic like technology deployed from the helicopters.

One quote from states;

“I saw UFOs & a fake hologram plane fly right over my house very very low during the drills in Boston… They had another drill at the Natick Labs (Bio Terror Drill) month ago too…. I & many others saw allot of military trucks with something in back of the trucks Going towards Boston week ago too… Something is about to go down I have bad feeling…”

A squadron of military helicopters descended on Boston.

Mayor Thomas Menino said

“My job as mayor is to make this the safest city in America and the Navy SEAL’s are part of that operation”.

At one point even a glowing object was seen being dropped from a helicopter.

The training was set to continue through August 5, 2011 according to local reports.

A local news report shows some footage of the event; - shorten links and earn money!

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