National Guard Troops in DC Hospitalized After Democrat Run City Repeatedly Feeds Them Raw, Undercooked Meat and Meals With Metal Shavings

There’s a disturbing problem facing Michigan National Guard troops guarding the U.S. Capitol – their food.

More than a dozen Michigan National Guard troops deployed to Washington, D.C. have been sickened, with some hospitalized, after being served raw, undercooked meat and meals laced with metal shavings according to a report by WXYZ-TV reporter Brian Abel Monday evening.

In his report, Abel played a recording of a whistleblower describing meals: 74 with raw beef in one delivery and lunches served on Sunday with metal shavings. Other meals are described as a dinner roll and Sunny D. Photos sent by the whistleblower were included in the report showing raw, undercooked chicken, metal shavings on rice and a meal pack with snacks suitable for a school field trip–not deployed troops.
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