Nasa Chief Says “Life Once Existed On Mars, And May Still Have Life! Oct 9, 2014

NASA Chief Charles Bolden states “It is a planet, sister planet, to Earth. It is the most likely planet in our solar system, um, that had life at one time…may have life now.” This is the first ever announcement by NASA that life DID EXIST on Mars! That is a massive victory for Astrobiologists and UFOlogists around the globe. Bolden admits that NASA knows Mars once had life on it.

Bolden then went on to say that Mars may still have life on it, but did you notice his hesitation. He hesitated when he began saying the part, “…may have life now.” He even squinted his eyes and cringed (right side) as if it hurt him to say it. Deep down inside he was dying to tell the world and finally allowed himself to slip it out to the public. Yes, I have a masters degree in counseling, so I am very aware of his non verbal communication.

This is such a monumental announcement that it should be placed in history books around the world. The day NASA announced life existed on Mars. Oct 9, 2014…remember that date.
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