NANO MOTORS: Once INSIDE a living cell, they could pulverize the Cell’s contents like an “Egg Beater” VIDEO

“I can see great medical potential with this… But.. Umm am I the only one that thinks these could be used as biological weapons, killing humans just by tearing cells apart???



Nanomotors controlled inside living human cells for the first time

Scientists at Penn State University have successfully controlled tiny nanomotors inside living human cells. Consisting of tiny, rocket-shaped bits of metal, the nanomotors were propelled by ultrasonic waves and steered with magnets. Researcher Tom Mallouk wasn’t afraid to talk up potential future applications, saying that the technology could one day be used “to treat cancer and other diseases by mechanically manipulating cells from the inside.” Once inside a living cell, the nanomotors could pulverize the cell’s contents like an “egg beater” or just break the cell’s membrane, Penn State’s note about the research says, which could allow for targeted attacks on specific cells. More importantly, Mallouk says that the nanomotors were able to move independently of one another, instead of the “whole mass of them going in one direction.”
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