Nancy Pelosi Races Across House Floor after GOP Rep. Tom Marino Tells the Truth about Democrats and Immigration – Video 8/1/14

Talk about “hitting the right nerve!”

Watch Republican Rep. Tom Marino urging passage of a GOP-backed Border bill tonight (It passed 223-189). In his remarks, he stated an absolute fact that the media and the Left never want to talk about. Democrats rail incessantly now about the need for “Immigration Reform.” But when they controlled the House, Senate, and White House in 2009-2010, THEY DID NOTHING – NOTHING – about Immigration! It was not even on their radar! They had a filibuster-proof majority, and never brought it up. Marino pointed that inconvenient truth out, because he knows, and the Democrats know, they only want the political value it yields. They use it for votes.

As he finished his remarks, you can see Nancy Pelosi race across the House Floor to go after Marino! The camera does not turn to follow her, but she went over to him to give him some choice words. He truly had struck a raw nerve! The truth has a way of doing that!

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