Mystery Metal ‘Cauldrons’ & Meteors In Russia Connection (Video)

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By Wake up America (Reporter)

Mystery Metal ‘Cauldrons’ & Meteors In Russia Connection (Video)

Saturday, January 11, 2014 7:40
By Susan Duclos
An interesting legend, mysterious “domes” or “cauldrons” in Siberia, and multiple meteors in Russia are the subject of the video below which points to a connection of what legends surrounding the most remote and unexplored area of Siberia referred to as the “Valley of Death,” where locals claim those that enter do not come out, and the unexplained, witness accounts of fireballs coming up from the ground in a epic battle before those meteors exploded in midair.LEGENDS

Local legends include underground alien structures, once above ground and referred to by many from the 1800′s and 1900′s as metal structures, with metal rooms, unlike anything ever seen before they supposedly sank underground. 

They are referred to in many ways, but usually “dome” structures or “cauldrons. 

The legends refer to “epic battles” that occurred where fireballs came up from the ground, with many believing they were activated, for lack of a better term, when meteors or asteroids came too close to earth.

Was that what happened  in Tunguska in 1908? Chulym in 1984? Vitim in 2002? Irkutsk in 2011? Last but not least, perhaps in Chelyabinsk in February 2013?

All exploded before hitting the surface of Earth. 

Eyewitness reports of the destruction of meteorites over Siberia in 1984 and 2002 by “terminator spheres” give further credence to accounts of the 1908 Tunguska explosions and the ancient legends.(Source)


Across a vast area of sparsely populated Yakutia in Siberia can be found strange metallic structures and evidence of devastating nuclear-type explosions every six or seven centuries.

These structures have been described by many, and the link above provides eyewitness accounts, including but not limited to the ones quoted below:

Right up until 1936, a merchant named Savvinov traded on the route; when he gave up the business, the inhabitants gradually abandoned those places. Finally, the aged merchant and his granddaughter Zina decided to move to Siuldiukar. Somewhere in the land between two rivers that is known as Kheldyu (“iron house” in the local language), the old man led her to a small, slightly flattened reddish arch where, beyond a spiral passageway, there turned out to be a number of metal chambers in which they then spent the night. Zina’s grandfather told her that even in the harshest frosts it was warm as summer in the chambers.

In days gone by, there were bold men among the local hunters who would sleep in these rooms. But then they began to fall seriously ill, and those who had spent several nights in a row there soon died.

In 1853, R. Maak, a noted explorer of the region, wrote:

“In Suntar [a Yakut settlement] I was told that in the upper reaches of the Viliuy there is a stream called Algy timirbit (which translates as “the large cauldron sank”) flowing into the Viliuy. Close to its bank in the forest there is a gigantic cauldron made of copper. Its size is unknown as only the rim is visible above the ground, but several trees grow within it…”


And here is a passage from a letter penned in 1996 by another person who visited the Valley of Death. Mikhail Koretsky from Vladivostok wrote:

“I was there three times. The first time was in 1933, when I was ten – I travelled with my father when he went there to earn some money – then in 1937, without my father. And the last time was in 1947 as part of a group of youngsters.“The ’Valley of Death’ extends along a right-hand tributary of the Viliuy River. In point of fact it is a whole chain of valleys along its flood lands. All three times I was there with a guide, a Yakut. We didn’t go there because life was good, but because there, in the back of beyond, you could pan for gold without the threat that at the end of the season you’d be robbed or get a bullet in the back of your head.“As for mysterious objects, there are probably a lot of them there, as in three seasons I saw seven of those ’cauldrons’. They all struck me as totally perplexing: for one thing, there was their size – between six and nine meters in diameter.

Read much more at the link above.

The came explorers in more recent times that went to see if they could locate these mysterious metal structures and what they found, described in the video below, were areas where these metal domes or cauldrons had sunk but what was more interesting was they became ill just as legends described, loss of hair, skin conditions, loss of eyesight but when they returned home, doctors could find no reason.



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