MUST SEE / two separate YouTube users capture Spectacular UFOs Over Austria (June 30th 2017)

Two UFOs combined over Graz, Austria on June 30th

A unique sighting has just taken place in the city of Graz, Austria, where two separate YouTube users filmed what we believe to be the same unknown objects which both display some truly remarkable characteristics.

The first video depicts two UFOs that appear to join together at one point, seemingly comprised of multiple smaller orbs. The light given off is a bright white/orange color, with the object vanishing into thin air midway through the footage.

This would be surprising enough but the fact that the very same objects were filmed the same day in Graz by another YouTuber makes the sighting all the more interesting and credible. In both instances, the objects appear to adhere to a 2×2 formation (two objects comprised of two orbs each).

Here is that Video:

Spectacular Double UFO Sighting Over Austria (June 30th 2017)


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