MUST SEE!! Larry King confirms the existence of the UFOs on CNN

MUST SEE!! Larry King confirms the existence of the UFOs on CNN This is a bold step in mainstream medias UFO Disclosure process.

In this video, Larry King reveals on CNN more UFO secret files and confirms the reality of the UFO phenomenon.

This is a a recent trend, more and more mainstream media are now discussing about the UFOs as a real phenomenon when recent times ago they were discrediting and denying the existence of the UFOs.

This shows that something is happening, some influencial people behind the curtain are now acting in order to reveal to the people the existence of the so called extraterrestrials, UFOs … the proof of that is that we are hearing about UFOs reports in the mainstream media worlwide.

France, UK, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, USA are now disclosing their UFO secret files and recognize officially this phenomenon…. Even Hollywood take part in this UFO disclosure by releasing dozens of movies about the Aliens, a lot of major TV shows also report about the UFOs and even in the advertisments….Everything is being orchstrated in order to reveal progressively the existence of the extraterrestrials to the masses without rushing them.

It’s now obvious that the “1st contact” has been planned on 2012, certainly on 21st December 2012.

Here Is Video:
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