Muslim Men opt for Nikah Mutah / Halal Prostitution

Islam is suppose to be a True Religion from a True God. Yet you see Legal Pprostitutionin it’s holy books of Hadiths and also Quran that allows a Man to marry a woman for a day just so that he can have SEX to satisfy himself and later just divorce her when he leaves the land. Yes this is the same and only religion that calls for it’s Muslim followers to kill Infidels (Non-Muslims) wwhereverthey may be found. Islam is peace? more like PISS.

Yes the Sunni Muslims will claim that only the Shiite Muslims practice this disgusting pagan custom but the Truth is that All Muslims including the self-righteous Sunnis also practice it as well. Sunni Muslims uses Nikah Misyar while Shias uses Nikah Mutah and both for the sole purpose of “sexual gratification in a licit manner.

“I went forth with the Prophet for the conquest of Mecca, and he allowed us Mutah with women. But we had not even left the city [yet] when it was prohibited by the Messenger of Allah. O people, the Messenger of Allah had permitted Mutah three times then forbade it.” Many Muslims claimed that Omar may have put a banned on Mutah but Prophet Mohamed was the one who instituted it and so according to their logic Omar has NO RIGHT or the AUTHORITY to banned it and thus many Muslim Sect including the Sunnis & most Shiites still practiced Mutah until today.

False Prophet Mohamed at first allowed Mutah but according to the Quran, Mohamed suddenly changed his mind. So did Allah changed his mind or did Mohd? The Quran & Hadiths kept changing & abrogating verses – how can Muslims then have the audacity to shamelessly claim that the Quran is perfect.

It seems that Allah is very Childish, he kept changing his mind and is not sure whether paid pprostitutionis ok? It all seems so pretentiously holy to have legally paid sex under the religion of Islam – Prostitution Under Hijab. Marriage is Not sacred to Islam, it is just a religious pretext to be legal to satisfy their bestial & animistic instinct. Muslims don’t understand the word restraint or self control but to use their penis to think for themselves. There is no religious book that is as childish as the Quran where Allah calls his own Jewish creation, pig and apes. Did Allah the creator hate the Jews or just Mohd who can’t get them to convert to Islam cos they were so stubborn?
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