Murdoch Comes Out A Winner



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Rupert Murdoch emerges from Parliament hearing intact.
when asked if when he was asked if he was ultimately responsible for
the phone hacking that had gone on under his watch.   Murdoch said

Who is responsible, then?  After all, Rupert earlier testified “anything that is seen as a crisis comes to me.”
“The people I trusted, and the people they trusted,” Murdoch said.
Later, after the shaving cream attack, he said: “I think that quite frankly, I’m the best person to lead this company.”
Wall Street apparently agreed. Shares of News Corp., which fell 8 percent last week, climbed more than 6.5 percent on Tuesday afternoon, ending the day up 5.5 percent at market’s close.

“That pie thrower did more for Murdoch than Edelman ever could,”
Katie Rosan reporter Wall Street Journal, wrote on her Twitter.

Murdoch called this  “The most humble day of his life,”  after nearly three hours of grilling from a select committee of
Parliament alongside his son, Rupert Murdoch (and News Corp.) emerged from the
House of Commons in a better place than he entered it.



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