Moving Away From China Global Call for Decoupling Grows | CCP Virus | CPVID-19 | Coronavirus

More countries around the globe are calling for holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable for the CCP virus pandemic. According to Li Yang, the chairman of the National Institution for Finance and Development, topics like decoupling and the restructuring of the global supply chain are being discussed more frequently.

00:33 Decoupling From China

06:50 Apple to Shift 20% of Production to India

10:19 Tesla Plant in Shanghai Shuts Down Due to Pandemic

12:40 Care Home Builds Barrier to Help Visitors Observe Social Distancing

14:54 Mother Arrested for Seeking Justice Over Daughter’s Death

20:06 Taxi Drivers in China Sell Food to Make a Living

21:43 Countries Worldwide Call for Transparency from the CCP

23:43 Charts: CCP Virus Numbers

24:12 Sign the Petition:

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