Monkey pox virus. What they aren’t telling you…


U.S. government places $119 million order for 13 million freeze-dried Monkeypox vaccines

13 Million Freeze-Dried Monkeypox – Smallpox Vaccines Ordered — Precision Vaccinations

This is for The West African Strain, which is 1 percent lethal. The media is hyping the other strain.

    • 20 new cases in the UK this AM
    • Confirmed 10 new cases in Quebec
    • NY health officials asking if mandates and masks will help stop spread.
    • Ontario and Quebec in emergency health meetings as suspected monkey virus also in Toronto and Niagara Falls.
    • It is very hard to spread. You need to come into contact with blood or bodily fluids.
    • All who are currently infected are gay homosexual men at the time of this posts writing.
    • Most have mild symptoms. In Canada they are all self isolating by themselves at home.
    • Some countries considering extending covid emergency measures to “cover monkey pox”

Canada looking at securing small pox vaccine for health care workers.

What they are not telling you, the current monkey pox so-called outbreak is the much less leathal variety.
It comes from exchanges of bodily fluid, most notably ruptured pustules.
Man has physical relations or contact with infected monkey. Man has chain physical relations with other men. They Become infected get it and spread it to each other and in the case of Bi Sexualy active men to women and so and and so forth.

Right now its basically an STD / STI and seemingly isolated in the very sexually active alternative lifestyle crowd.

National Grocery Store Association recommends stores put in measures to help stop spread.

  • They recommend no cash.
  • Limit handling of food.
  • Store customer limits.
  • Store closures if necessary.


All on cue.

Hand over sovereignty to WHO, create monkeypox virus, deploy virus, WHO shuts everything down right before midterms.


Canadian Officials will provide update on Covid and Monkeypox at 3pm est today.

Get ready for the hype …

PHAC is considering who would be first to get new small pox vaccine designed to fight monkey pox. The list is here:

– health care workers
– self identifying gay men 18 to 64
– trans and bi curious aged 18 to 64
– hospital staff, with factor openingly gay

The new vaccine was made just days before the outbreak was announced.

Remember we warned you. The emergency powers are simply control powers. They aren’t letting go.

More cases of monkeypox detected in UK as scientists investigate links | The Independent
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